Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives
Osaka University

RNA Frontier Science Division


Overview of RNA Frontier Science Research Division

RNA is a biomolecule that sustains life. Post-genome research in the 21st century has discovered that large amounts of RNAs with unknown functions are produced from the genome, and the research to unveil the new functions of these RNAs is progressing all over the world. Meanwhile, RNA-targeted drug discovery research with various drug modalities. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines in the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the social implementation of RNA as a drug discovery tool. In current RNA research, innovative findings appear frequently across academic disciplines, and a new trend is about to form that will revolutionize the life sciences. Therefore, the RNA Frontier Science Research Division (RNA-FS), OTRI in Osaka University (OU) brings together outstanding RNA researchers in nucleic acid chemistry, biology, basic medicine, and pharmaceutical science in OU, and develops cross-disciplinary RNA research. In addition, we will guide industry-academia co-creation to RNA science, and practice multifaceted RNA drug discovery as academic and social implementation research. We will also support young researchers leading the next generation, and aim to establish a sustainable RNA frontier science research ecosystem in OU.