Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives
Osaka University

RNA Frontier Science Division


The 5th wave program for young RNA researchers

The discovery of new RNA functions has led to the creation of new research fields in life sciences. In this program, by supporting innovative and challenging research from the unique perspective of young RNA researchers, we will create 5th wave of RNA research trends in the future.

What are the five waves of RNA research?

In the research history, new research trends have been formed in the form of major discoveries of RNA, which we call “RNA research waves.”

  • 1st wave: Establishment of a central dogma based on functional understanding of mRNA, tRNA, and rRNA.
  • 2nd wave: Establishment of the concept of RNA processing in gene expression derived from the discovery of introns in eukaryotes.
  • 3rd wave: RNA world hypothesis to explain the origin of life derived from the discovery of ribozyme.
  • 4th wave: Understanding the importance of regulatory RNAs derived from the discovery of RNA interference and micro RNAs
  • 5th wave: Emerging non-coding RNA groups by post-genome analysis, new trends are being formed with the development of drug discovery technologies such as oligonucleotide drugs, RNA-targeted drugs, and mRNA vaccines.